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Weapons Policy

Live weapons of any sort are not allowed. Which means no swords, no guns, no ammunition, no knives, no bladed weapons of any sort whether it is a throwing star or a scythe. No Airsoft weapons.  NO PROP FIREAMRS ALLOWED. No explosives, pyrotechnics, smoke or bubbles. If your prop or weapon is metal, please do not bring it. If you come with an obvious plastic or rubber prop please secure it to your persons to keep everyone safe at all times. SAFETY FIRST!


SC Horror reserve the right to inspect your props and determine if they are allowable. If your prop passes inspection, it will frequently be tagged with a zip tie or wrap of some sort. These ties need to be visible and secure on the prop so we suggest that you possibly plan your prop with a specific area you would like that tag attached and politely ask the staff if they can tag it there.


And remember to use common sense. If you have any doubt whether your prop will be admitted, then it might be best to leave it behind, or at least be prepared to walk back to your car.

Respect Policy

At all times, attendees must adhere to the following. Besides the harassment policy below. Politics of any kind are not allowed at SC Horror. Please drop that at the door. We are a family friendly community and would like to keep it as such.

Anti Harassment Policy

Harassment is defined by the victim. South Carolina Horror and Moulton Conventions LLC is dedicated to providing a harassment free convention experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, expression, fandom, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, etc. We do not tolerate harassment in any form, period. This includes but is not limited to verbal harassment, physical assault, sexual harassment, stalking, unwanted advances, unwanted physical contact or inappropriate photography. Be respectful towards others.  Harassment is defined by the victim. If you or someone is being harassed, please notify staff members and/or security immediately. Do not take matters into your own hands. Venue rules are to be enforced. Party or parties who are found to be in violation of these policies will be asked to leave the convention without a refund. Let's keep it positive and respectful.

Cosplay Contest Rules

The SC Horror Cosplay Contest is family-friendly. Judgment on the appropriateness of material is left to the discretion of our cosplay staff and SC Horror Convention.​ Unruly or disruptive behavior during pre-judging, backstage, or during the contest is not permitted.​ We do not permit the use of foul language at the cosplay contest. We are a family-friendly event, let's keep it that way.

Entrants must be able to enter and exit the stage quickly on their own. If your costume/prop is large, you may bring a handler to assist you. Our cosplay staff will not be able to provide a handler for you.​

Group entries of up to 4 people are allowed. Entrants may not participate in multiple groups. ​​​​

All contestants must register by Sunday September 15 by 12pm. If you arrive late or after the registration window, you will not be allowed to participate in the contest. We must have a form filled out with all information requested. If you are underage, please have a parent or guardian fill the form out for you. For more information or any question you may have, please email us. 

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